It's Our Season - TAX2016

Who We Are


Our firm was started in 1975 by William L. Wurdemann. We are located in our own professional office building at 101 East Main Street, Bogota. We are now in our 40th year, have planned for the succession of the business, and expect to perform at least another 40 plus years of service for our clients. Our firm is not dependent on the retention of any single client. This allows us to exercise independent decisions and contributes to our overall stability.


Wurdemann, Pinto & Co is a Public Accounting firm whose entire staff embraces the objective of providing quality and timely service to our clients at a fair price.

We are proud of our staff for their professionalism, their competence and their desire to do the best job possible for our clients. We believe that people are the most precious asset we have. Therefore, we continuously invest in our staff to help them enhance their knowledge and skills and stay current with the latest developments taking place in the business world in general and the accounting profession in particular, so that we can serve our clients better.

Our success as a firm is inseparable from the success and well being of our clients. It is this understanding that causes us to be sincerely interested in our clients and guides our daily activity. Our objective is to add value to our clients by truly understanding their financial affairs. Therefore, we continuously strive to improve our knowledge and understanding of the businesses and individuals we serve.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients in all aspects of their tax, financial and business planning needs. We have established close bonds and long term relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us since the firm began.


Though our firm is not large in size, we are diverse in terms of our experience, the types of clients we serve and the types of services we perform.

We perform tax preparation services for more than 1,700 individuals. These clients represent the complete spectrum of occupations and provide a challenging variety of tax issues. Our clients reside or work in approximately 40 states. Their incomes and net worth range from the very modest to the multi-millions. They are all treated with the same respect and genuine concern by our firm.

Our business clients are as diverse as our individual clients. They operate as all forms of entities. Although primarily based in the tri-state area, we do service business clients in many states. Today's world of internet, fax machines and overnight delivery have reduced the importance of proximity. Our business clients are all closely held by their founders and families.

As a firm we are members of the AICPA, NJSCPA and NYSCPA. We have successfully completed "quality review." This is an outside audit of our firm's procedures regarding accounting services by a CPA specializing in quality review of public accounting firms. Our staff constantly attends Professional Education seminars to improve the skills they apply to their daily activities and fulfill the mandated requirements for CPE.


To understand and recognize the uniqueness and importance of each individual client. To make integrity and the highest ethical standards, technical competence and confidentiality our guiding principles. To provide the highest level of quality service and accurate information to our clients on a timely basis and delivered in an efficient manner at a fair cost to the client. To always make ourselves available for our clients' needs.